Wattville Update – 2017-12-15

Update from Chris G. at Container Conversions – 2017-12-15

Please see images of progress:

The Kitchen/office/toilet container.

– Insulated

– Divisions fitted

– Toilet cubicle divisions in place











– Children’s sized toilets have been delivered (Fitting of plumbing this weekend)








– Electricians to start their work next week

– prep for painting exterior














Double wide classroom

– Window cut outs completed and window frames fitted







– Side walls removed on one unit and support beam fitted











– Side walls partially removed on second box and support beam to be fitted prior to removal of all side wall material.

Overall the team has made good progress and if all goes well this weekend we will be on track to have the units ready for inspection as scheduled.

Update on Site Construction

Update from Ambrose at ADAH Projects – 2017-12-15

Trust that everyone is good. The slab is complete.
We will be on site to do the rest of the site works as soon as the containers are delivered.

Stay blessed.

(The yellow container is an existing uninsulated space.)


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