Vanneck United Church

NOTE: Pancake brunches will NOT be offered this year (2017). See blog post at bottom of page.

Vanneck United Church

Vanneck is very active community, with passionate members who care for one another and their community.  As well as being a partner in a Canadian Food Grains Outreach Project, Vanneck contributes regularly to the local food bank in Ailsa Craig and to the Women’s Resource Centres in Ailsa Craig and Strathroy. A child from a Developing Country is also sponsored by the collections from Sunday School. They are also involved with Melville in the joint Food Grains service and since 2006 have been involved in a project known as “Koins for Kids” which raises money to purchase juice and fruit for a daycare in Wattville, South Africa.

Vanneck has a musical tradition that extends for more than a century. The present choir numbers about fifteen and is backed by a baby grand piano or a beautiful pipe organ. Special music is provided every Sunday along with extra presentations on special occasions.

The Sunday school provides an opportunity for the children of the community to learn the stories of the Bible in a fun way, with two dedicated teachers who love to bring the stories alive through various ways.

Melville, our partner in the Ivan Pastoral Charge, and Vanneck work closely together and enjoy many joint services and activities. Together, we plan to move forward and take an active and positive role in working for our Lord in the twenty-first century.

Vanneck Groups

Unified Board
o fulfills the traditional duties of the session and stewards including arranging special services and financial management

The Trustees
o are responsible for property management

The Outreach Committee
o looks after the Foodgrains Project in conjunction with Melville
o collects and donates to the Ailsa Craig Food Bank
o organizes Christmas hampers and gifts for the Women’s Rural Resource Centre
o “Koins for Kids” and “Kare for Kids”

The Sunday School
o varies from 1 to 6 children ages 3 to 14
o sponsors a child in a Developing Country

The Choir and Organist
o a dedicated group which provides weekly and special occasion ministry in music

The After Nine Group
o church women who
– raise funds through working at banquets
– organize special events including Christmas dinner
– organize monthly birthday celebrations
– extend “goodwill” to members
– clean and decorate the church

Vanneck hosts community groups such as:
o Highland dance groups
o the Middlesex Historical Society and the Tri-County Heritage Club
o community events such as family gatherings, music recitals, wedding and baby showers

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