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If you have any questions or comments
please contact:
Pastor Carol Morton
Phone: (519) 641-9395
Email: pastorcarolmorton (at)
Bob Brown, Official Board Chair
Phone: (519) 671-2496 C
Phone: (519) 666-1848 H
Email:  rsbrown (at)
OFFICE HOURS at Melville United Church:
Pastor Carol will be at the Melville office on Thursdays from 10 a.m. until noon.
Website Issues:
Rob Hockin
webmaster (at)


2 comments on “Contact Information

  1. John P Sargeant

    I am doing a survey of the war memorials, honour rolls and plaques located in the County of Middlesex.
    Can you advise me if Melville or Vanneck United Churches have honour rolls of those who served in WW1 and WW2 etc? If so, I would appreciate having the opportunity to photograph them for my study.
    Thank you for your help
    John P Sargeant

    1. admin1

      John, I took the liberty of providing you directly with photographs of the Honour Rolls for both churches. Included were WW 2 Honour Rolls for both Melville and Vanneck, WW 1 Honour Roll for Vanneck and an excerpt from the 1986 Melville history book which lists the WW 1 Honour Roll names for Melville.

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